GM Foundation enables poor children and young adults from Kenya to pursue and attain academic excellence.



GM Foundation is a Swiss-registered not-for-profit association founded by a Geneva-based team.  Through a network of individual and corporate sponsors, GM Foundation provides direct financial and mentoring support to these children. With their parents too poor to afford $500 school fees per year, such children would otherwise drop out of high school and continue to live in abject poverty.




GM Foundation launches new state-of-the-art website

GM Foundation launches new state-of-the-art website

We are very excited to launch our new state-of-the-art website. Take time to browse through the simplified more user friendly, and definitelymore appealing site. Of note and most important is the memebers login page; we finally have the capability to connect our...

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Geneva Charity Ball

Geneva Charity Ball

GM Foundation is one of the charities sponsored by Geneva charity ball. Every November the Geneva Charity Ball brings together a dynamic group of over 500 guests across various ages and professions. The evening program boasts world class entertainment, a 5-star venue,...

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“I ran the 26.2 miles for these girls so that one day they become the winds of positive change!”
Gerald Gakundi

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Gerald Ran the New York Marathon

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Gerald Gakundi laced up his sneakers to Run – the ING New York City Marathon. Gerald ran New York Marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes to raise funds to support (through GM Foundation) talented girls, who excel in academics but lack of the...

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High school education opens doors to university opportunities and later, a life of literacy and economic independence. Funds donated through GM Foundation go directly to the academic institutions to settle school fees for the selected kids. Individuals and corporate sponsors get a one-to-one relationship with the sponsored child and can establish a mentoring relationship in addition to financial support.

All GM Foundation efforts are voluntary and incur no administrative cost.


“Having only managed to finish school myself through financial assistance from complete strangers, I know that our contributions make a huge difference in not only the children’s lives but the local community as well. Unfortunately there is no free secondary education in Kenya and lot of talented students end up not going to school due to lack of fees.”
Gakundi Anderson

“The visit went beyond experiencing the beauty of Africa. I am overjoyed to see how a small act of kindness from me can so easily transform a life and a community. Through GM Foundation, I am doing my bit to make the world a better place.”
Baptiste Pommiers

Operating since

GM Foundation has been operating since 2008 and is currently supporting 50 students to attain secondary school education. In 2012, the first 3 students graduated and got the opportunity to continue their studies at the university or technical schools in the country.



The Foundation was started informally by Gakundi Anderson, himself a beneficiary of a similar sponsorship, supporting a few kids to school. Later on it expanded to friends and colleagues as more people have embraced the dream, leading to a formally registered non-profit association.

Gakundi Anderson

Gakundi Anderson

Founder of GM Foundation

If you would like to join our team of supporters, then feel free to contact us.

Educate. End Poverty.

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